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Image of Apple Dave holding a bag of apples

About Apple Dave's

Apple Dave’s is a delightful place full of beauty, fun and good times. Our farm features large old apple trees, sweeping views of the Appalachian Trail above Apple Dave’s lake, and our long rolling pumpkin patch.  It’s a place where wonderful memories have been created for generations of old and new friends.
Our new Distillery has added a year-round flavor to the fun, offering local wines and wonderful seasonal cocktails enhanced with ingredients from our own garden, amazing local craft beers and an expanded selection of wonderful things to eat for young and old alike.

Apple Dave’s father and mother, Donald and Dorothy Hull, purchased 130 acres of land in the Warwick Valley in 1949. Beginning in 1950, David began planting apple trees on the property. The first trees planted can still be found today right behind Apple Dave’s Farmhouse. The trees began to produce fruit in 1955 and David dedicated himself to the Orchard when he returned from an Army-sponsored tour of Korea.
A photo of Donald and Dorothy Hull in a cornfield
The Orchard continued to grow through the years and  along the way David became affectionately known as “Apple Dave”. Apple Dave and his family lived and worked on the farm selling the apples to wholesalers throughout the year. However, in 1974, tragedy struck. Apple Dave’s storage facility burnt to the ground with that year’s apple harvest.
Photo of Apple Dave in his military uniform
That summer with a fresh crop coming along, Apple Dave thought of ways to stay solvent. The winning idea was to allow people from the area up to the farm to Pick their Own Apples. In the fall of 1975, Apple Dave began his Pick-Your-Own business. Just like that, Apple Dave’s entered a new era.
Apple Dave and cousin Mike sorting apples
In 1993 Apple Dave was joined on the farm and in matrimony by Apple Susie. Together they happily continued the family tradition of growing apples in Warwick NY for over 60 years.
Photo of Apple Susie
Apple Dave passed away during the winter of 2014. Apple Susie and Dave’s son, Peter are continuing the family traditions, keeping Apple Dave’s as a fun, family-oriented day in the country.
The business was renamed ‘Apple Daves’ in 2015 to honor the founder..  That same year the Distillery started creating it's own traditional ‘1840’s style’ frozen Apple Jack.
AppleJack sales started in 2018 as the old red barn was reimagined as a fantastic entertainment experience.